Bird Blog 2: How To Keep Your Pet Chickens Safe From Predators

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Imagine, you have successfully managed to raise day-old pet hens, and they have just started to lay eggs. You must be feeling sheer joy as you see the chicks chirping and chickens clucking and feasting on the feed and open ground you’re providing for keeping your birds healthy, free to roam and productive. And then tragedy strikes!

A predator has attacked and killed some of your beloved pets. Instead of having to deal with the loss, there are options that will help you prevent this situation altogether. 

Here are some of the measures you can take for keeping your birds safe from predators.

"What the fox did you just say?"

Knowing the potential threats

The first step towards protecting your poultry would be to make yourself aware of likely predators in the area. They can be foxes, buzzards, and neighbourhood pets. If you have an idea of which predator might attack, you can take the safety measures accordingly.

Increasing the visibility in the garden

If you have a large garden, make sure to keep the grass and bushes cut down. The less cover the predator has, the easier it will be to see the predator before it attacks.

Collecting the eggs daily

Many predators break into the coop just to get eggs. If the eggs are collected daily, it will deter predators like rats from breaking in. 

Fitting motion sensor security lights

Predators like foxes prefer to attack at night. To prevent their attacks, you can fit motion-detection lights that will automatically turn on when it detects motion near the coop. Most predators be be distracted, or frightened of the light.

Raising chicken coop off the ground

If you can raise the coop by a foot or two, it will discourage predators like rats from taking up residence beneath it for stealing eggs and chicks.

Lastly, a neighbour of mine who has pet chickens roaming around her garden, has a secret weapon to keep predators at bay.......two beautiful Alpacas. Who knew these could work alongside chickens harmoniously and protect them?

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