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Spring is finally here, and this makes walking our hounds so much more fun. We have a whole new range of cat & dog products to keep you covered, from fabulous drying ‘noodle’ towels and eco friendly frisbees to delicious dog treats and a fantastic drink to help keep your pooch hydrated. So where do we start?

D O & G Leads & Collars

When we are out and about with our dogs, do you find that you meet the same people and their hounds on a regular basis? We get to know our fellow dog walkers by their pets name, and secretly, we do want our dogs to stand out. So, we have introduced these wonderful D O & G leather matching collars and leads in 4 great colours. Make your dog stand out from the crowd with these beautifully made dog products.


A company called Beco have designed a whole range of eco-friendly products which we love! The products we have introduced to Burt's vary from cat litter trays and dog bowls, to sporks and cat nip toys for your cats. The following two products in particular are huge in popularity. The wobbly and bouncy Beco Ball is made from tough natural non-toxic BPA free rubber with a vanilla scent. It has a hollow centre where you can hide tasty treats to keep your dog entertained on a rainy day. It is so tough that Beco have given every ball a lifetime guarantee - now that's confidence for you! The second great product from Beco is the Natural Rubber Flyer, one of the coolest frisbees you’ll ever see! It is so soft and flexible and is ever so gentle on their teeth when your pup pulls off monumental air catches. The flyer has raised edges to help your hound scoop it up from the ground and is made from tough natural rubber with a vanilla scent.

 Henry Wag

If you return from a soggy walk, all you want to do is dry off your pup. Using that same old towel, which has seen better days, just takes too long. So let me tell you about this AMAZING towel from Henry Wag I actually purchased myself, and it works wonders! The ‘Microfibre Noodle Glove Towel’ is incredibly soft, wonderfully designed and makes drying your pooch quick work. It even removes ingrained dirt!  It is an ‘oven glove' style towel, and is made up of microfibre noodles. I cannot recommend this product enough - check out the other styles too on our website! A gargantuan invention!


Do you understand the importance of keeping your pooch hydrated? Lots of people don’t, but when you let them know this statistic, it really makes them think twice about the importance of a constant supply of fresh water that should be available for your dogs. “Most owners know exactly how much their dog is eating. But do you know how much they drink? To stay healthy, your dog should drink 50ml water / kg bodyweight daily. That’s 500ml for a 10kg dog or two litres for a 40kg dog! 2 out of 3 dogs don’t drink enough”To help with this, a company called Slurps have designed this fab drink, full of Omega 3 & 6 oils, available in Chicken or Beef flavours. You can either give it to your dogs as a separate drink to help encourage drinking or simply pour over food - this is an excellent aid for fussy eaters to help them gobble up their dinner. Also, Slurps are a great little extra for convalescing hounds, those who are timid and sometimes get a little stressed. It's a comfort drink, and in the testimonials from Slurps customers, 95% of customers dogs LOVED it. Why not give it a go?


 Dog Treat Company

There is a farm near Dartmoor that makes ‘artisan hand made’ Dog Treats which are made from the finest meats, herbs, oils and spices. The great team at the Dog Treat Company make these wonderful treats using ingredients and mix these into tempting flavours that you may struggle to find elsewhere. My Jack Russell, Stewie absolutely LOVES them. With different flavours such as Duck, Orange & Coconut to Chicken, Spirulina & Thyme, you may think that these are bizarre tastes all to be rolled up into one treat, but trust me, they really do work! They are available in Treat Pots or Pouches. They have even produced a seasonal product ‘Happy Treatster’ dogs want a gift at Easter time too!

Long Paws Water Bottles

When you are out on long walks or even when you are travelling to and fro with your dogs, sometimes you just don't have room in your bag for a water bottle and a bowl. So check this amazing water bottle from Long Paws out. Your dogs can drink straight from the bottle, and most dogs take to it straight away.​ Your pup simply licks the top of the Water Bottle and the bottle releases a flow of water. The bottle releases just enough water for one sip at a time, so there's less waste. You only need to carry the one bottle for your dog - no need for a bowl and none of the leaky plastic water bottles. It is perfect for the outdoors, walks, camping trips, pet shows, exercise days, and even grooming days. They are also great if you are on a bicycle (or even on a horse) - you can give your dog water without having to hop off. Also available in 3 different sizes and some funky designs….check our website out and see for yourself. These are a monumentally ‘must have’ product!


 Pet Rebellion Mats

Whether it is a beautifully bright and sunny day, or a wet and windy one, our 4 legged friends still manage to drag some of the outdoors in with them don't they? The same with dinnertime.......everything all laid out nicely, yet, more often than not, more food and water ends up on the floor than in our pooches tums, so what is the answer? Pet Rebellion mats! These hard wearing, non slip mats come in an array of designs and styles. The Dinner Mate Mats are there to keep your floor clean from food debris after dinner and come in a wide variety of designs. The Dog Runners & Barrier Rugs are fantastic for when your dogs or cats wander in at their leisurely pace. The great thing about these mats, is that they vary in length from 100cm to 150cm, so all the dirt and wet stays on the rugs whilst they are walking the mile! Perfect! The Boot Mate liners are a brilliant addition to your travel plans with your pups. Just lay the liner on the boot of your car, and no more cleaning the boot out after a messy walk or moulting dogs hairs all over. Just simply drag it out, machine wash and vacuum. Win! These Mats & Rugs really are well made and are a great investment. Visit our Cat & Dog pages to find out more and check out all the different designs and their uses.


GoodWood Chews

"£10 for a stick, you having a laugh?" I have heard this from customers BUT......please read on and let me change your mind. GoodWood chews have finally arrived and they are fantastic! Made from coffee wood (don't panic, they are caffeine free!), these chews keep your hound occupied. They made from an especially hard, close-grained wood from the coffee bean plant and are hypoallergenic and natural. Chewing gives natural dental care, reducing plaque and preventing gum disease and they contain zero calories! Sounds like the perfect chew right? The answer is yes!! Having tested this with my dog, I can tell you, this product is great! GoodWood flakes away releasing tiny fibres of wood, so there is no need to worry that they will interfere with your dog’s digestion or cause choking (however - always supervise your pet with any chewable treat). It comes in 3 sizes Small - for dogs up to 10kg, Medium - up to 20kg, and Large - for dogs above 20kg. This genuinely is a great treat for your dog.




We have plenty of new products here at Burt's, and we will be extending our opening hours. From early April until late October, we shall be opening on Saturdays from 9.00am to 3.00pm. We have a small showroom with a range of our products available for you to browse, so why not pop along and see us?


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