Festive Foodie Friday!

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Here at Burt's Country Store, Bee Equipment and Farmhouse Kitchen we have a monthly 'Foodie Friday' where the whole team gets together and enjoys an hour or two of food and catching up. This Christmas we have decided to try something a little different. On Friday, 14th December, we are going to be having an alternative Christmas lunch from 12-2pm, filled with a wide range of Asian Food, made by everyone that works here!

As you may know, collectively Bee Equipment and Burt's Country Store is a small business based just outside Canterbury. We are a small team of 14 people, so having one day a month where we all get together, turn the phones off for an hour or so and have lunch to catch up is a really important part of our monthly schedule.  

We have all sorts of wonderful delights on the menu, from curries to gorgeous Mango Chutneys made by our very own Farmhouse Kitchen. Everyone is waiting in anticipation to try Mel's exotic vegetable korma, Odette's gargantuan South African chicken curry, Claire's fabulous Goan fish curry and her monumental beef dhansak. 

Sue is taking care of onion bhaji's to have alongside some gorgeous sides such as Clare's lentil dish, Patrick's curried chickpeas, Colin's Bombay potatoes and Steve's saga-loo. Amy, Jill and Billie have Naan breads, rice, raita and poppadoms all under control - you can't have a curry without a good Naan bread can you?!

Everyone has to make sure that they don't eat to much though as to finish Claire and Jane are in charge of desserts! Jane is rustling up a Bailey's Chocolate Cheesecake for all of the chocolate lovers and some strawberry Santa Hats, followed by a Foodie Friday favourite from Claire - her wonderful pavlova! We are all in for a treat because Claire is making a lemon tart too - Claire is the queen of desserts!

To wash all of this wonderful food down, Charlie has been left with final task of finding drinks for everyone (non-alcoholic of course!) so we will wait and see what he conjures up! 

Due to the excitement of our Christmas Foodie Friday, our phones will be turned off between 12 and 2 on Friday 14th, and the shutter will be pulled down. However you can still order from the Burt's Country Store website!

Merry Christmas to all of our wonderful customers from everyone here at the Burt's Country Store family! 

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