Mud Daddy Portable Pet Cleaning Device

  • £33.99
  • The portable and compact Mud Daddy is a brilliant device which has a 5 litre water tank and brush with shower head built-in.
  • It works by pumping the leaver built into the bottle cap which builds up the combined water and air pressure which is then released through pressing the trigger on the shower head.
  • No need for a battery or plug into electric mains.
  • The Mud Daddy is a great portable shower solution, ideal for pets who often go on muddy walks as it’s quick and easy to use, and can be used multiple times, cold or warm water and without the need to refill.
  • Can also be used for around the house and garden and on camping trips too.
  • It uses 90% less water than a hose pipe and 80% less water than a jet wash.
  • It is portable & compact, and environmentally friendly!
  • It has a 5L tank, a 1.2 meters hose and a built-in sprayer brush.
  • Available in 2 colours.
  • This product is brilliant!

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Customer Reviews

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Almost perfect.

Works great would be improved if the back end flat so it would stand upright better whilst setting up. This might seem trivial but with a lively Spaniel a bit annoying. Other wise great